QualificationsQualifications for our tour presentations:

To qualifications for one of are tour presentations you must meek all of these qualifications to receive gifts.

Single females must be at least be 28 years of age and have a yearly income of $65,000  or more and have a major credit card and have not visited our resort in a year.

Couples that are married or co habituating must make at least $50,000 a year income, are over  25 years of age and have a least a debit card and have not visited our resort for a least one year.

You have need to be under 69 years of age.

There is no obligation to purchase anything.

You must be willing to take at least a 90 minute presentation of our resort and property.

You must stay at least for the 90 minute presentation or no gifts will be presented.

Once you finish the presentation and do not except the offer you agree not to tend another presentation at our resort for 5 years and the offer special discounts at that presented can not be duplicated again for 5 years.

We treat everyone with the same respect and courtesy.

We reserve the right to change qualifications before you agree to whatever the terms are at that time.

We welcome you to view our property and promises you a delightful presentation of our resort with the hope that we will be able to welcome you and your family to a lifetime of vacations at one of our beautiful resorts.

We also offer try us first before you become part of our family with all the benefits of ownership.

We offer the same tours to those of that do not meet the above qualifications however they will be considered a curiosity tour which may not be gifted; as we do not discriminate against anyone;